Saturday, September 8, 2007

Monetizing Your Hobby - About PayPerPost.

Almost everyone is looking towards increasing their incomes with catch phrases like "multiple streams of income” and “alternative streams of income” common in books on personal money management. It basically means that you get additional income from other sources besides your regular job.

Other than working two jobs, which will be extremely taxing, one of the best way to increase one's income is by monetizing your hobbies. Since you enjoy doing it, you might as well get paid for it thus turning it into an "alternative stream of income." With that in mind, especially since writing and reading are my hobbies, i recently signed up for PayPerPost, a blog marketing network that pays you to blog about things that interests you.

Being new with PayPerPost, i am not entirely familiar with the mechanics of the network but looking at their website, i get the impression that there are plenty of opportunities available for you to blog about and also a general sense that it pays better, between $5 to $20 per opportunity, than Google Adsense. Of course, it correspondingly requires more effort as it is not just a contextual ads network like Adsense. The best part is that you get to choose the opportunities that interest you and are relevant to your blog content. Nifty tools like PayPerPost Direct are also available where you can negotiate directly with advertisers who like your blog and want you to blog about their products or services.

The requirements of getting your blog accepted into PayPerPost network are minimal with your blog at least 90 days old and have 20 posts. Payment is through Paypal and with their disclosure
policy, sponsored posts are declared so that there are no deception to readers. As a matter of fact, my first assignment is to write about PayPerPost itself and i believe that i will be paid US$20 for it. Not too bad for doing something that i enjoyed and for those who are interested, check out PayPerPost, as a means of monetizing your hobbies.


webduck said...

I have been a PPP postie since Jan of this year, and although I haven't gotten wealthy, the extra $1200+ has come in handy for vacation expenses, etc. I think it is one of the easiest and best ways to earn extra cash.

My Den said...

Hi webduck,
WOW! That's great! It is actually a substantial amount just for blogging about products and services. Think i will up a gear in my efforts at PPP.
Thanks for dropping by. Regards.

Anonymous said...

The 90 days is going to kill me. Know any that pay close to ppp?

My Den said...

The 90 days requirement is something that is needed for most pay-to-post networks.

There is another network that is, in my view, better, as it pays within a week of submission of posts, unlike the 1 month of PayPerPost, and the price per ops seems to be higher too.You can try: