Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tips on Writing Fiction.

By My Den.
Other then the 6 disciplines that were mentioned in my earlier post ( The Art of Writing Fiction ), the following are some further tips that i had gleamed on my own journey on writing fiction :

-The beginning of a story is of extreme importance. It must be interesting, riveting and readers should be hook on page one.

-Be specific in your writing. The more specific the details, the more real the story will seem to be to the reader. Descriptions and technical details must also be authentic.

-Be imaginative. The best fiction comes from the preposterous imaginations of writers who are good storytellers.

-Don't just tell what happened but recreate it instead.

-The shorter the story, the more important each word becomes. Avoid overused words and clich├ęs.

-Focusing on surprise and irony will make the story a better read.

-Write what you like to read.

-Enjoy what you are writing.

-Revision is extremely important. A writer should always do one more revision before getting it published.

-Success breeds success. The more published you are, the easier it is to get published again.

-Never scorn the work of another writer as it will not make us a better writer.

-Try to obtain and accept constructive criticisms and feedback for your story.


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