Monday, June 25, 2007

A Writer's Ernest Assessment.

Looking at this blog now, i could hardly believe that i had managed to come so far. In the one and a half months since it was started, i had managed to write four short stories.

What started out as an attempt to write short stories has now become something that i am honestly excited about. Not only did i gained tremendous satisfaction, i had also gained insights on the elements of storytelling i.e. researching, structuring, striking a chord with the story and most importantly, just to go ahead and write it.

This writing trip had also woken me to my fondness for reading, writing and comics during my younger days. I probably have hundreds of novels, of all genres, kept in my store room and i still have the first edition (25 years ago) of Stephen King's Salem's Lot which i remembered finishing in one night that left me scared stiffless. As for comics, i remembered scouring Bras Basah in the 70s' and early 80s' for 2nd hand editions of Spiderman, The Swamp Thing, etc and reproducing the drawings myself.

I was also especially enchanted with martial arts comics from Hong Kong and since the early 80s', had a sizeable collection, all in pristine condition, of Ma Rong Chen's epic "Heaven & Earth". So, somewhere along the line, i will probably start reproducing some of the comics renditions on this blog and do some review of old books by authors that were extremely popular during my time.

The next step on my writing journey will probably be to get some sort of feedback on the standard of my writings either through submission to writing portals for review or comments from visitors to this blog. Let's see where this journey will lead me to.

*Interested in becoming a writer? Read Dorothea Brande's "Becoming a Writer."